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Because it concerns us all!

In times of changes and especially in times of mass tourism, for us it is a big concern to contribute for the future generation and our planet. Of course we are not changing the world, but we set an example. As to do, what we are able to do for stopping the climate change. Although it is a small step, every thought and especially every action counts, no matter if big or small.

2012 - Central Cooling System
In 2012 we totally converted our cooling system from a normal cooling system to a central cooling system. That means, the cooling system of our bar, the pre-cooler and the deep-freezer got clustered into a central cooling system. This results in an enorm energy saving through the heat recovery of the central cooling system.

2013 - Environment Mobility Price - District Heating & Thermal Refurbishment
In 2013 we won the Environment Mobility Price. We changed from oil to district heating (wood chips), did a thermally refurbishment to all our three houses, changed all windows and doors, energeticly insulated our attic and fixed an upgraded insulation. After these measures we could reduce our heating demand for 50%.

2018 - E-Charging Stations
Since May 2018 we have E-Charging Stations for our guests! A well enlarged network of E-Charging Stations is the key for E-mobility. To actively support this sustainable mobility concept we equipped our hotel with a 22 kW Charging Station Type 2. You can charge your electric car when ever you want, there is one charging wallbox at our big parking place behind our hotel (charging cards available at the reception)!

2018/2019 - Heat Pump & Photo-Voltaic Construction
In the course of the complete renovation of our indoor pool and the new construction of our outdoor pool, we decided to invest in a heat pump. That means, the pool and spa area is heated with geothermal energy. Addionally we fixed a photo-voltaic construction along the whole south side (in total 300m²) of our hotel roof. These construction has a effort of 58,5 kW.

2022 - GO GEEN - ARGAN Source Shower& Hair | Body lotion
In 2022, after the renovation of our hotel rooms, we switched our cosmetic lines to a 100% organic-ecological product. The Salzburg family business Hotelzone.at, based in Salzburg, relies on the highest level of sustainability in product production with the GoGreen line, from the 100% recycled packaging to the 100% organic ingredients of the products.
All information about our GoGreen ARGAN lines can be found HERE.

2023 - E-Charging Stations - UPGRADE
In order to keep up with the e-mobility trend, we exchanged the existing 22 kW charging station on the restaurant parking place (south side of the hotel) for 4 new 22 kW charging stations and one fast charging station (120 kW) with two connections -> E-Charging Stations