• Garages & Car lift
  • Garages & Car lift
  • Car lift

Test Operator

In addition to our hotel rooms we offer two new garages with car lifts for the sessions on the test course of the Großglockner .
Two stationery car lifts with 5 ton capacity and two portable ones with 2.5 ton capacity.
Concerning availability and prices or in case of any other questions we kindly ask you to contact us. hotel@roemerhof-fusch.at


E-Charging Station

Since May 2018 we have our own e-charging station! A well enlarged network of e-charging stations is the key for e-mobility. To actively support this sustainable mobility concept we equipped our hotel with a 22 kW charging Station Type 2. You can charge your electric car when ever you want, there is one charging wallbox at our big parking place behind our hotel (charging card available at the reception).


NEW since 2023: 4 charging stations with 22 kW and 1 fast charging station with 120 kw with two connections at the front parking place on the south side of our hotel. 

Futher information and charging possibilities along the Großglockner high alpine road -> HERE!


Recharging made quick and simple
The EU Standard Type 2 stands for maximum compatibility without great expenditure of time. At our standardized E-Charging Station, every common electric car model can be recharged without an adapter and fast, thanks to a capacity of 22 kW and 120 kW.